Call for Quotations. Procurement of MS SQL Server Licenses for the New Integrated Case Management System (ICMS)

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Procurement of MS SQL Server Licenses for the New Integrated Case Management System (ICMS)

Millennium DPI Partners, LLC is an international development firm based in the United States of America, which is implementing the USAID-funded Open Justice Project in Moldova. Open Justice will assist the Government of Moldova to improve the efficiency and transparency of the Moldovan judicial system and improve access to justice for citizens of Moldova.

Millennium DPI Partners, LLC, through the Open Justice Project, will develop a new Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) that will be implemented in all Moldovan courts. The ICMS will increase the efficiency of how courts operate and will also help combat corruption and increase transparency by ensuring electronic random case assignment and the online publishing of various court documents and court judgments.  

To ensure the proper ICMS functioning, the Open Justice Project will purchase MS SQL Servers licenses for the servers that will host the ICMS.

Thus, Open Justice Project is inviting experienced specialized firms from the Republic of Moldova to participate in the tender for delivering MS SQL Servers licenses for the ICMS.  

General Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible to participate in the present tender, the Offerors shall meet, at a minimum, the requirements listed below:

  • Be a legally registered company in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Have at least three years of proven experience in selling and distribution of Microsoft software licenses on the Moldova market;
  • Have a very good professional reputation proved by three reference letters.

The interested companies will be provided with the complete Request for Quotations (full instructions for drafting the proposal) at request: by e-mail or at the address: 27, Armeneasca str., 2nd floor, Chisinau.

An original and one copy of the written quotation shall be delivered, in separate sealed envelopes, no later than June 22, 2018, 17:00 Moldova time to the following address:

In attention to:  Mrs. Maria-Cristina Turturica  


27, Armeneasca str., 2nd floor,

Chisinau, Moldova

All quotations must be submitted in English.

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