Program for English Language Teachers and University Students

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Free Professional Development Program for EFL Novice Teachers and University Students

”Integrating UN Sustainable Goals in English Language Instruction”

program funded by US Embassy to Moldova and coordinated by Academy for Innovation and Change through Education

August - November 2018


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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project aims to train a new generation of English language teachers and encourage soon to be teachers to stay and work in Moldova by engaging them in a cutting edge professional development initiative based on UN Sustainable Development Goals. Teachers will gain valuable skills necessary to find additional professional development oportunities and funding to support their educational initiatives, such as collaborating with local authorities, applying for grants and planning fundraising campaigns.

flagThis project is funded by a grant from the United States Department of State. The opinions, findings and conclusions stated herein are those of the author[s] and do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Department of State. 


  • university students (English language philology and pedagogy), 3rd and 4th year
  • soon to be teachers of English
  • novice/young teachers of English (under 5 years of experience)


- train novice and soon to be teachers to think outside the box and find local national and international strategic partners in their effort to stay and teach in Moldova

- guide teachers to design and implement various service learning projects in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goals

- help English language teachers find additional opportunities for funding of their eductional projects (grants)


  • July: 50 novice and soon to be teachers will be recruited (10 Chisinau, 20 North, 20 South of Moldova) and introduced to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as opportunities to bring service learning into EFL instruction.
  • August: A 5-day long summer hackathon will be organized in Chisinau. Novice teachers will engage in collaborative activities meant to promote service learning in the EFL curriculum and exchange ideas that will increase the quality of English teaching through project based and task based instruction. Participants will work in teams to develop initiatives that will generate EFL projects that help both teachers and students to become local community leaders. Participants will also learn how to find additional funding for their projects, as well additonal professional development opportunities.
  • September-October: Project participants implement the innovative teaching techniques in their daily instruction via collaborative civic engagement projects (1 school from Chisinau will work in teams with 2 scools from North and 2 schools from South of Moldova). Individual sessions will be organized to mentor and guide each participant and team.
  • November: Participants present their projects at the final event organized in Chisinau in collaboration with Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

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