Call for expression of interest for Civil Society Organizations, joint child rights advocacy events, UNICEF Moldova

UNICEF Moldova invites interested Civil Society Organizations to express their interest in partnering with UNICEF to promote the realization and promotion of child rights through a number of joint child rights advocacy events on ending violence against children, parenting, early childhood development and child participation.

The program document should outline a list of proposed activities per each chapter of the outcome. The proposal should cover the following areas:

  • A list of proposed activities, with description of content and methodology to achieve defined goals per each event/activity (defined number of businesses and government actors supporting child rights)
  • Proposed stakeholders (public and private) to be engaged as well as detailed outreach plan
  • Detailed communication plan to disseminate project results
  • A list of measures to ensure sustainability of project activities
  • Timeline of proposed activities

How to apply:

Please deliver your submission in a sealed envelope to UNICEF Moldova office, 131, '31 August 1989' street, Chisinau, MD-2012, before 28 February, 17:00.

The expression of interest shall include the following documentation:

  • Copy of CSO registration in country of origin (if other than Moldova)
  • Copy of CSO registration in Moldova
  • Attachment I - Partner Declaration signed by authorised official
  • Attachment II - NGO Identification and Profile signed by authorised official
  • Attachment III - Programme Proposal

Each CSO submission may include 1 or more programme proposals, addressing one or more of the expected results as outlined in section 1.3 above. However, a maximum of 1 proposal per result area may be submitted by the same CSO, with a maximum of 3 proposals per CSO applicant.

Please find this Call for Expression of Interest and the attached forms at the following address:



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