Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA) Assistant - Twinning number: MD 13 ENPI OT 01 16 (MD/26) Vacancy notice for the Resident Twinning Adviser Assistant EU project positions

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The EU financed MD 13 ENPI OT 01 16 (MD/26) Twinning Project “Support to promote cultural heritage in the Republic of Moldova through its preservation and protection” is seeking to recruit:

  1. One Project Assistant to Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA) 

Background information: 

The above-mentioned project will be implemented in close cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (Ministerul Educației, Culturii și Cercetării - MECC) of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Cultural Properties, Activities and Tourism of Italy (MIBACT).

The overall objective of this Twinning is to contribute to the protection of Moldova's cultural heritage by modernizing Moldova's policies and management of the cultural heritage sector in line with European standards and best practices.

The Twinning project aims to support the Ministry of Culture’s institutions to enhance and to strengthen the enforcement of the legal framework regulating the sector to improve governance in the field of cultural heritage protection mainly through the adoption and implementation of a strategic and fine-tuned management model for the cultural heritage sector and through strengthening the capacities of public stakeholders.

This Twinning project will contribute to the achievement of the aims of the Association Agreement signed between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, through enhancing people-to-people contacts, including through cooperation and exchanges in the sector of culture.

The project has started its implementation in September 2017 and will last 24 months. 

Within the project many activities will be carried out such as seminars, workshops and study visits (outside the Republic of Moldova), drafting legislation, strategies and implementation plans etc. Therefore, the RTA (project coordinator) from Italy will be stationed in Chisinau. The project coordinator is looking for one qualified RTA Assistant.

Office of the RTA / task division:

The RTA carries out the daily coordination of the project, together with her Moldovan counterparts, in cooperation with the project leader from the MIBACT of Italy.
The RTA needs to be assisted by two local assistants, one Project Assistant and one Language Assistant.

The position of Project Assistant is vacant dating from 10th April 2018.

The RTA focus on the overall coordination and content of the activities, and the evaluation of the progress of the project, while the Project Assistant and Language Assistant have to take care of the project administration, logistics, filing, translation and interpretation and assistance to short- and medium-term experts involved in the project.

The Project Assistant focus its activity on the project administration, logistics, drafting minutes of meetings, etc. while the Language Assistant focus its activity on translation and interpretation. Both Assistants are to be the backup of each other whenever necessary.

The RTA has her office at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research in Chisinau, where project activities are prevalently carried out. The RTA Assistant shall report to the RTA and may be requested to accompany the RTA to meetings at other offices in Chisinau and in field visits outside Chisinau.

Job descriptions

Position: Project Assistant

Tasks/ duties of the RTA Project Assistant include the following:

  • Act as a principal assistant to the RTA and assist the RTA in maintaining close working contacts and relations with Moldovan officials involved in the Twinning, contacts at other beneficiary organizations and the Project Leaders
  • Project administration / office management: perform all necessary administrative tasks, including collecting and filing of all project materials and maintaining all financial records (bookkeeping), in line with the EC procedures for external assistance and the EC Twinning Manual, answer phone calls and correspondence, help arrange and attend meetings, etc.;
  • Logistics: preparing activities by providing relevant information to the EU experts, printing and photocopying of materials for seminars and conferences, arranging hotel rooms, transport, rooms for seminars, conferences and meetings, equipment for presentations etc.;
  • Drafting: draft programs for EU experts, agendas and minutes of meetings;
  • Other tasks: performing other duties at the request of the RTA, either related to assistance with the implementation of the project or related to personal assistance with language issues and other issues that arise from moving to and working in a foreign country, including act as translator and interpreter when needed.

Profile of the candidates: 

Qualifications demanded

  1. University degree or suitable working experience of at least 10 years.
  2. Minimum three years of experience.
  3. Knowledge on the Moldovan Public Administration.
  4. Excellent command in Romanian Russian and English (minimum level requested: C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
  5. Very good administrative and organization skills.
  6. Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  7. Ability to work in a team and to undertake activities independently as a team-player.
  8. Very good computer skills (in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Outlook and/or open source similar software).
  9. Very good communication skills.
  10. proven ability to work effectively in an international environment.
  11. Patience and flexibility.
  12. Full geographic mobility (prepared to travel and work on mission throughout the country and outside the country, e.g. study – visits).

Useful assets would be: 

  • Degree in Architecture, Archaeology or History.
  • Good knowledge in oral and written Italian and French.
  • Previous experience in Twinning or other project funded by the European Union or other international institutions.
  • Knowledge on MS Project.
  • Knowledge of EU Institutions.
  • Familiarity with EU project cycle management.
  • Experience in working with Moldovan state institutions.
  • Driving license.

Conditions of services, duration and remuneration: 

The successful applicant will be a self-employed independent consultant and she/he will undertake full responsibility for the payment of all taxes and obligations deriving from the legislation in force, including for those related to medical and social insurance.

The RTA Assistant contract will run from the date of the signature throughout the period of implementation of the Twinning Contract. The Twinning project end is estimated in September / October 2019. The contract will have an initial duration of two months at the end of which it might be extended until the end of the project.

  • Location and working schedule need to reflect the aim of the position offered, that is to say ensuring the necessary daily assistance to the RTA;
  • fee: € 1300 - € 1400 per month (the fee depends on professional experience).

NOTE: Twinning Manual foresees that the chosen assistant is not a civil servant or agent of the beneficiary (past 6 months) nor is on leave from the beneficiary to take up the position of the project assistant.

Application and selection procedures

Applications should be sent no later than 2nd May 2018 until 15:00 Chisinau time to the following e-mail address: (RTA) and copy to Project leader Mr Giuseppe Morganti,

Please mention “Project Assistant” in the subject.

Your application in English language must include:

  • Letter of intention, signed by the applicant, explaining the compliance with the eligibility criteria for the specification post;
  • CV (Europass format*) with detailed description of professional experience and education (with exact dates).
  • At least one reference letter from a former employer.

Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview in Chisinau in the second week of May 2018 and may be required to sit a written examination.

Upon invitation, short-listed candidates will have to provide copies of supporting documents (University degree, reference letters and certificates in the original language and, if available, in English)

For any further information please contact Luisa De Marco by e-mail:


  1. Incomplete applications or applications sent to the mentioned e-mail address after the above-mentioned deadline will be disqualified and treated as non-eligible.
  2. Only applicants selected for the interview will be notified.

* CV form in EU format is available at:

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