National consultant to provide capacity building on gender equality and women’s leadership for various groups

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Under the overall guidance and direct supervision of UN Women Programme Specialist and in close coordination with Programme Coordinators, the consultant will be responsible to deliver a series of capacity building sessions on gender equality and women’s leadership for various target groups, including: public servants at central and local level, (including in security area, employment, judiciary, etc.), civil society organizations (including  Association of Women in Police, National Association of Women in Law Enforcement) youth and public at large The session will be delivered on demand, as UN Women will engage with various stakeholders, and will generally be half or one full day in length.

The consultant will also develop a Q&A booklet on Gender Equality: debunking myths on Gender Equality in Moldova to be used in future work of UN Women.

More specifically, the consultant will be responsible for:

  • develop and submit the capacity building methodology, which will include training outline, a comprehensive training toolkit, training agendas, supporting material, case studies, simulation models, exercises monitoring & evaluation schemes, assessment surveys and other materials to be annexed to the toolkit. National consultant should present all developed materials for revision and approval to UN Women with sufficient time before training delivery (at least with 10 working days) and should be open to address the comments and suggestions for improvement. 
  • deliver training sessions on gender equality and women’s leadership as presented above with focus on the following aspects but not limited to: induction  into gender equality fundamentals, gender equality in everyday life and in different sectors (based on the specific target group)  gender norms and stereotypes, constructions of masculinity/femininity, sexism and sexist language and images, how to be informed and sensitive towards gender issues and how to integrate gender equality aspects into policy making and implementation and national and local level (based on the specific target groups) t Participants will be selected and gathered with the support of UN Women. Consultant should apply the “learning-by-doing” method employing the interactive style of training (including simulations and case studies). S/he should avoid long theoretical sessions and use a skill-based training methodology. National consultant should provide participants all required guidance on available resources in this field.

A total estimate of up to 32 days of training sessions are foreseen (both half days and one full days cumulatively)

  • present 3 reports on a quarterly basis with a detailed description of achieved results, description of carrying out activities, provide inputs to development and analyzation of intake knowledge assessment questionnaires and post training feed-back questionnaires, potential risks which could affect the further implementation of assignment, challenges faced by the national consultant and ways to passing through, key recommendations for future similar assignments, etc.  After assignment’s finalization, national consultant should provide the final report, which will reflect the overall description of implemented assignments, including major achievements, changes of participants’ perceptions based on analyzed questionnaires, main challenges and constraints, recommendations for future gender capacity development support to women mayors, etc. 
  • national consultant will be responsible to prepare a short booklet with general notions and aspects of gender equality and women’s rights: debunking myths on Gender Equality in Moldova. The booklet should serve as a basic resource to introduce to public at large gender equality principles. The booklet should have up to 20 A4 pages, including illustrations, and should tentatively tackle the following topics:  to explain the notions of gender equality, gender mainstreaming, gender roles, gender stereotypes, why gender equality matters, gender gaps, gender arguments (Q&A session) including on gender quota and TSMs. The consultant should not provide only definitions, but rather the explanations of mentioned aspects, with indication of various examples, facts and statistics. The booklet should be drafted in Romanian. National and international resources may serve as references for the text.

Requirements for experience


  • Master degree in gender equality, women’s studies, social studies, development studies or related field. Additional points will be granted for PhD degree in the fields mentioned above.
  • Additional certification in the area of gender equality will be an asset.


  • A minimum of 5 years of proven track record of working on gender equality and women’s empowerment in the Republic of Moldova;
  • A minimum of 5 years of proven track record of organization of various capacity building events for various target groups, including for government counterparts;  
  • Previous work experience in revision and/or development of various knowledge products on gender equality or women’s leadership;
  • Proven experience in working with international organizations (successful experience in working with UN agencies is an asset).

Language Requirements:

  • Excellent command of Romanian language
  • Working knowledge of Russian. English language will be considered an asset.


To apply, please follow the link: 

Organizații vizate: UN Women |

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