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HelpAge International is seeking an agency or an expert for a baseline survey


HelpAge International seeks proposals from a sociological agency or an expert to conduct an entry baseline survey on healthcare needs and vulnerability of older people from five rural communities, from the South of Republic of Moldova.

 1.       Background

HelpAge International helps older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty, so that they can lead dignified, secure, active and healthy lives.

HelpAge in Moldova is currently running a 36 months project “Promoting Healthy and Active Ageing in Older Age” funded by World Jewish Relief and implemented in 5 target communities: Iordanovca, Sadaclia and Abaclia from Basarabeasca district and Sarata Noua, Hanasenii Noi, from Leova district. The goal of the project is to enable older people to live fulfilled, healthy and dignified lives, through the maximisation of the potential of older women and men from five communities of Moldova to improve their health, well-being, social participation and communication.

2.       The main objective of the entry baseline survey is to:

To conduct assessment of the healthcare needs and vulnerability of older people from the target communities of the project.

2.1. Specific Objectives:

  1. To assess the healthcare needs and the vulnerability of older people from five project target communities
  2. To determine the perception of older people for a good health
  3. To identify the relationship within the medical services and beneficiaries.

2.2. Based on the above, the agency or the consultant will:

  • Develop the methodology and the tools to assess the healthcare needs and vulnerability of older people.
  • Collect the data (application of the tools)
  • Process / analyse the data and write report

3.       Methodology, timeframe and deliverables:

3.1. The agency/ the expert will develop the methodology for the entry baseline survey based on the above-mentioned criteria and agree it with HelpAge International Moldova. The baseline will be carried out by combining quantitative and qualitative methods of collecting information. The baseline survey will be conducted in the communities of project implementation.

3.2. The entry baseline survey will be conducted in the period of 1 September – 15 October 2017.

3.3. Deliverables:

-       Final questionnaire and interview guide in Romanian

-       All filled questionnaires and all interview stenograms (if necessary)

-       The report of the survey in Romanian, accompanied by the annexes that will include all the data collected;

-       Survey Database in Excel.


4.       Selection Criteria:

-       Registered entity in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, (only for companies)

-       Experience in sociological research

-       Analytical work and reporting (minimum 3 years);

-       Experience in conducting sociological researches on health is an advantage.


5.       The application in Romanian or English will contain concise information indicating the following:

  1. The agency datasheet or individual information for expert (name, postal address, contact phone, electronic address, responsible person, bank details, signature of the responsible person and stamp of the agency).
  2. The CV of the individual expert or the CVs of qualified experts (for agencies) who will be involved in the survey.
  3. The proposal for survey, which will include:

-        The phases of the survey

-        The description of the methodology including: type of tools, the process of data collection and processing methods

-        Timeframe for the survey

-        The financial offer (detailed budget). The costs will be indicated in MDL.

More details on this competition with terms of reference.

Deadline to submit the application is August 28, 2017. All applications will be sent to  titled “Health Baseline – Expert or Agency Name” or printed at: Chisinau, MD-2005, Bănulescu-Bodoni 57/1 street, of. 425, AO HelpAge International. For more information: 069989827, contact person Nina Gutu.


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